Sweety Lovelive Yellow

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- + $29.90
Diameter 14.5mm
Water Content 38%
Base Curve 8.6mm
Replacement Period Within 12 months
What's inside A pair of contact lens + a lens case
Processing Time

2-3 working days


A perfect treat for narcissists, these strikingly bold yellow contacts make a huge impact against every eye color. The intense pigmentation along with a spectacular design add oomph to your eyes. The whole cosplay game is taken by storm since the opacity helps to spruce up the fascination. Sweety Lovelive yellow contacts feature a splashy pattern against a pitch-black background with a bigger pupil hole to let your eye color entwine magically.

Boasting a 14.5mm diameter, the lenses are typical of their size. Despite carrying an average size, they create an illusion of bewildered eyes. The sparkle added to your peepers set them ready for anime transformation. Boasting a very jazzy color combination, Sweety Love Live yellow look turns out spectacular in the photoshoot. Perfect for cosplay conventions, fancy dress shows & Halloween trick o treat; these yellow lenses are all you need.

Adding a sheer glow to your eyes, Sweety Lovelive yellow contacts are one of the first choices of the cosplayers. They stay true to the color while illuminating the iris. Although dazzling, yellow lenses maintain their thrilling yet wondrous appearance. Not for the hesitant and humble but for the daring & gallant, these yellow contacts help you catch the attention of Senpai.


  • Sweety contact lenses come packed in individual blister packs. They are soaked in isotonic buffered solution. Please invert them in lens cases & soak your lenses in the multipurpose solution overnight to help them oxidize.
  • Wearing your lenses straight from the packaging may burn/sting your eyes.
  • Also available in power. Please check stock availability.
  • Never share/swap/switch lenses with anyone.

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Price/ Quantity for all contacts is for per pair of 2 pieces. You can select your power from the drop down list, it's same power for both lenses. For mix of power, please choose 1 from the drop down list and key in 1 in the column below the drop down list. Please check stock availability in drop down list. Just like below.

  • If it's out of stock, it will prompt out of stock notice.
  • If the power is not shown, it means we do not have that power.
  • If there is no column shown below the Select Power, it means power comes in same per pair, so you have to get 2 pairs for different prescription.

how to select mix power

Please take note that 12 months replacement period is a maximum period you can use. After you opened the lenses, it depends on the frequency you used.

It's wear and tear product, the more frequent you use, you shall dispose it in shorter period time frame. The longest you can use is 12 months. Says you used it every day, then we advise you to dispose it within 3 months.

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