A captivating fantasy adventure based on Mo Xiang Tong Xiu's (墨香铜臭) Chinese novel, follows Crown Prince Xie Lian as he faces challenges after his third ascension to Heaven.  Distinct from Japanese anime, this donghua highlights ancient Chinese culture and impacts the Western cosplay community. Its unique style and engaging story inspire fans to dress as their favorite characters.  As the highly anticipated second season approaches, we recommend the following cosplay contact lenses to perfect your Xie Lian and Hua Cheng cosplay and bring these beloved characters to life!
Our recomendations : Kazzue vivid Bralliant Yellow- Offer a vivid, high-vibrancy look with their opacity, effortlessly covering your original eye color. These lenses emphasize Crown Prince Xie Lian's gentle yet resolute personality, providing a striking appearance that captures the essence of the character.
Sweety Anime Tear Yellow:Xie Lian's eyes feature a captivating yellow-gold ombre. Sweety Anime Tear Yellow lenses capture this effect, blending naturally with any eye color and providing an authentic, striking appearance for both dark and light-colored eyes.  Kazzue Blytheye Brown:Blend seamlessly into dark eyes, creating a natural, darker brown shade. On lighter eyes, they produce a yellow-gold hue. These lenses offer subtle sophistication for a realistic, understated style.  Kazzue Cherish Brown:Offer a subtle, natural touch for your Xie Lian cosplay. With light brown shades that blend seamlessly on dark and light eyes, these lenses provide a more realistic, understated look that enhances your character portrayal.
Sweety Poppy Red: Effortlessly create a unique brown-red hue, perfect for Hua Cheng cosplay. Ideal for brown eyes, these lenses blend naturally, offering a captivating look that mirrors the donghua’s striking visuals.  Kazzue Blytheye Red: For a subtle Hua Cheng demon form cosplay, choose Kazzue Blytheye Red lenses. They offer a low-profile, natural look, capturing his striking red eyes with a realistic appearance.
Barbie Dolly+ Red: Offer vibrant colors that blend seamlessly with your natural eye color and feature a larger diameter for a captivating puppy-eyed appearance. These lenses flawlessly capture Hua Cheng's tender, affectionate gaze towards Xie Lian, bringing his charming, gentle expression from the series to life.  Sweety Max Red:Sweety Max Red lenses offer a high-profile, high-vibrancy, and opacity option for Hua Cheng cosplay, capturing the character's intensity when angered. These lenses effectively cover your original eye color, providing a striking and fierce appearance.
Heaven Official Blessing Japanse OP Theme Song "Jiu no Kuchizuke" by SID
As you eagerly await Heaven Official's Blessing's second season, embrace the enchanting world of Xie Lian and Hua Cheng by perfecting your cosplay with our recommended contact lenses. Immerse yourself in this captivating story that celebrates ancient Chinese culture and mythology.  Happy cosplaying!