Why Eye Drops Is Important For Contact Lens User?

Improper lubrication can lead to contact lens discomfort. To help your contact lenses stay moist and your eyes hydrated; it is crucial to take necessary measures. With the right choice of re-wetting eye drops, you could enjoy a comfortable experience. There are a variety of eye drops available but not all are created equal. To facilitate wearing contact lenses, only use eye drops compatible with contacts.


Which Eye Drops should I Buy?

Shop through the various types of contact lens eye drops below. We have a unique collection of eye drops from tired eye relief to relieve redness & discomfort caused by contact lenses. 


Eye Drops for Dry Eyes

People with dry eye syndrome could alleviate the symptoms using Rohto C cube eye drops. Besides lubricating the surface of the cornea, these eye drops provide immediate relief. Rohto C Cube eye drops comfort dry eyes, provides relief from redness, hazy vision & burning sensation. The viscous eye drops forms a thin layer that prevents evaporation of tear film hence help contact lenses float swiftly.


Eye Drops for Digital Eye Syndrome            

Digital devices cause strain that may be very uncomfortable with contact lenses. Rohto Tired Eye relief have a unique cooling formula that eliminates puffiness caused by digital screen or by wearing contact lenses longer than usual. Rohto Cool eye drops promote natural tear production & form a veil to help retain the tear film.


Rewet & Cleanse Eye Drops

Complete Blink N Clean eye drops are one of its kind. Recommended to people with a very active and fast lifestyle; these drops boast a two-in-one formula. It is an all-in-one solution to itchiness, irritability, redness & dryness associated with contact lenses.

Complete Blink N Clean eye drops by ABBOT pharma cleanse your lenses from protein debris whilst lubricating your eyes. The unique formula prevents buildup on the surface of contact lenses which reduces hazy or cloudy vision.