Lace Front Wig

Characterized by the mesh panel at the front portion, lace front wigs are becoming exceedingly popular. They simulate natural hairline allowing you greater freedom & versatility. Since each hair fiber is manually tied on the mesh panel, lace front wigs provide you more control over your hair unit. Lace front wigs are free from limitations - wear your hair in a ponytail, tuck it behind or part your hair neatly.

The basic feature that sets them apart is how they are manufactured. Featuring a mesh top but a firm & stronger wig cap for the rest of the wig helps it last longer. Lace front wigs are highly breathable, lightweight & versatile in terms of styling. They flaunt a luxurious bounce, enviable volume & a great snug. Unlike other hair units, lace front wigs do not limit mobility/ physical activity. They stay secure over your scalp either you jog, dance, swim or play sports like tennis.

Wearing & Storing Lace Front Wigs

Our lace front wigs are made up of premium quality synthetic fibers that feel and look like human hair. Lace front wigs are stored & maintained the same way the regular wigs are kept. Our synthetic wigs are adaptive as they are open to customization. The free mesh panel can be trimmed as per your own style requirements. They are stretchy & lie flat against your own hair, ensuring an appealing look.

Buy lace front wigs from an array of styles. Enjoy sultry chocolate curls, smoldering beach waves or a short pixie cut. Our lace front wigs run the gamut of heavenly color combinations, styles & textures. Find your favorite unit from among the varying length or simply steal a celebrity statement. Our lace front wigs are a name of a class that you will find no parallel of!

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