Mini Sclera Contacts

Add life to your Halloween costume using our spooky theatrical contacts. Boasting opaque pigments and vibrant contrast; SFX contacts help resurrect the dead. Be a zombie, a blood-sucking savage or a monstrous werewolf- with mini sclera lenses almost everything is possible. Get into any inhuman character’s soul or simply go wacky this Hallows eve. Our 17mm mini sclera lenses allow you to freak others out by helping you with the finest transformations.



Your artistic and illusionary makeup with that trippy costume is just half of the battle. Complementing your cosplay with mini sclera Halloween contact lenses adds a finishing touch to your entire look. The devil contacts with eerie design and supernatural pigmentation will definitely get you noticed. 

Adding a realistic appeal to your costume would not have been possible this effortlessly without Halloween contact lenses. Covering your natural eye color completely, these contacts are the actual conversation starter. Once available only for big-screen stars & celebrities, these novelty Halloween contacts are now making roars online. The splashy designs having vertical slip pupils bruised iris & fire- fuming cornea are some of the most notorious Halloween contact lenses.

Look ravenous or a freaky psychopath; these mini sclera Halloween contact lenses will immediately transform you into a malevolent & fearsome ghost. Don’t let your trap escape at the night of ghouls. Join the zombie parades & devour humanity with the spirits joining the grotesque Halloween celebrations.

Have a look at our monstrous collection of Halloween contact lenses that showcases uncountable designs of crazy contacts, 22mm sclera lenses & other theatrical models to complete your SFX look. All the witches & wizards are uniting under one flag of Uniqso. Are you also a member?