• Tips for Wearing Contact Lens in different Climate

    Tips for Wearing Contact Lens in different Climate

    Have you ever noticed any differences when you wear contact lens during warm or cold weather? Or when you are outside and going indoor where it’s air-conditioned? While contact lenses are made to withstand all weathers, sometimes, changing of temperatures can make wearing contact lens slightly less comfortable.
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  • COVID-19 Update - Halloween Orders

    COVID-19 Update - Halloween Orders

    Greetings!   As you know it's near to Halloween season and people are buying colored contacts to celebrate Halloween without fail. The only difference this year is due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the processing and delivery time frame may take longer compare to last years.    Due to pandemic coronavirus and highly dynamic situation, we may take up to a week to process your orders and delivery may take longer than expected as the shippers are struggling to cope with the volume, and this has resulted to massive delay in shipments processing and delivery. Please plan ahead your Halloween to avoid disappointment. See below for reference  ...

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    Can I Buy Prescription Colored Contacts Online?

    Colored lenses whether cosmetic or prescription are regulated and classified as “medical devices”. It is completely safe to buy colored contacts online from reputable sellers. However, it is important you conduct a thorough research where the seller is getting their supply from. Make sure the contact lenses are well-known brands- approved from FDA/KFDA and boast CE/ISO certifications.
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  • Processing Delay Due To COVID-19

    Due to pandemic coronavirus and highly dynamic situation, please expect around 1 week delay on posting of orders as our fulfillment teams are working on an alternate days basis. Should you need any assistance/ more update regarding orders, email us and we will make sure to provide immediate help.  We are sorry for inconvenience caused. Take care, relax as together we will survive through it.

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  • Suppliers Away!

    Special Announcement! Supplier I.Fairy / Kimchi/ ICK / I-Codi / Twilight will be away from July 10th till July 12th, your order may be affected if you placed order from July 7th to July 12th. Feel free to email us if you need clarification.

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  • Public Holiday Closure

    We wish to inform that we will be closed from June 26th to June 27th due to public holiday and operation resumed normal on June 28th Sorry for inconvenience caused.

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