Urban Layer

Why Urban Layer Stands Out

Colored contact lenses, popular among both youngsters and professionals, enable people to experiment with different eye colors and transform their appearance. The increasing demand for colored contacts is a testament to their global popularity. Among these brands, Urban Layer from South Korea stands out for its unique lenses catering to fashion-conscious individuals.


Diverse Colors and Hand-Painted Designs

Urban Layer offers an impressive array of colors and designs. These contacts feature hand-painted designs that are both innovative and natural-looking, making them fashionable and stunning. With countless options to choose from, selecting the perfect pair may be challenging, but our top 4 Urban Layer bestsellers can guide you!


Silicone Hydrogel: Superior Material for Comfortable Eye Color Contacts

Urban Layer contacts prioritize eye health and comfort by using silicone hydrogel, a superior material for contact lenses. Silicone hydrogel lenses have higher oxygen permeability, allowing up to five times more oxygen to reach the cornea. This reduces the risk of eye problems like redness, irritation, infections, blurry vision, and loss of clarity in vision. Additionally, these lenses are highly porous and absorbent, minimizing irritation and discomfort even when worn for extended periods.


Explore Urban Layer's Most Comfortable Colored Contacts

Begin your exploration of Urban Layer's extensive catalog with our top 4 Urban Layer colors.

Urban Layer Crazy Lens - Tokyo Red
Urban Layer Angeles Grey
Urban Layer Gogh Grey
Urban Layer New York Blue 

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