BluSafe - Blue Light Blocking Contact Lens

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- + $10.90
Diameter 14.2mm
Water Content 55%
Base Curve 8.6mm
Replacement Period monthly disposable contacts
What's inside A pair of contact lens + a lens case
Processing Time 2-3 working days



  • Optimal Protection from Blue light exposure
  • Preventive Protection from prolonged screen time that can damage your eyes
  • UV Blocking protects againts harmful UV radiation



We recommend using BlueSafe contact lenses with ROHTO COOL eye drops to reduce strain & dryness caused digitally.


Protect your eyes from your digital screen with BluSafe blue light blocking contact lens. It is impossible to evade digital eye strain in the digital age but it is a warning you must not ignore. Blue light is one of the main causes of computer vision syndrome but it does more than cause discomfort. In fact, blue light from electronics is also connected to macular degeneration and cataracts, both of which can lead to blindness. The dangers of blue light also extend beyond the eye. Blue light from digital screens is a known cause of sleeping disorders like insomnia as it disrupts our circadian rhythm. Harvard researchers have also discovered a link between night-time blue light exposure to cancer, diabetes, heart disease, obesity, and an increased risk for depression.


With the fast-paced life of our current world, we may not have the luxury of limiting our screen time. However, with BluSafe, you don’t have to! BluSafe safeguards your eyes from the harmful effects of blue light by blocking it from even entering your eyes. So, you don’t have to worry about sacrificing your health to earn a living or do the things you love. BluSafe also features UV Blocking so you can also shield your eyes from dangerous UV radiation. With a replacement period of one month, you can protect your eye health without spending a fortune. Keep your vision secure and your body safe from blue light with BluSafe.

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