Rohto C Cube Eye Drop

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Big eye circle lenses’ wearers often suffer from eye strain and dryness. Exposure to computers and spending hours in gaming can even worsen the situation by increasing the discomfort. Eye-redness, itching, burning and blurred vision are common symptoms often observed by contact lens wearers. Now get the fast cooling effect of Rohto C Cube eye drops and look for the magic!


Rohto C Cube eye drops contain Hydroxyethycellulose (HEC) which helps retaining natural tear fluid on the cornea; as a result you notice moisturized and soothed eyes. Rohto C Cube eye drops relieves redness, restore moisturizer, relieves irritation and soothes dry and tired eyes. Rohto C Cube has a 3-action formula “Clear x Care x Comfort”


Rohto C Cube is very handy and travel-friendly. It slightly differs from other eye drops due to its viscosity. These eye drops are not runny; the slight viscous nature of Rohto C cube eye drops form a thin veil on the cornea which ensures all-day relief for dry eyes. The specially designed dropper tip of Rohto C Cube allows precise control over how much quantity of the eye drops should come out. These eye drops can be safely used by people who wear big eye circle lenses/ big eye contact lenses. They do not build up on contacts; hence Rohto C Cube eye drops are rightly claimed to be the “Savior” for your eyes.


Two drops of Rohto C Cube eye drops is a solution to itching, burning and other eye-strains. The kawai and portable container will definitely fetch your heart! Get Rohto C Cube eye drops for immediate relief and comfort.


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