Hassle Free Lenses Cleaning - Eraclean Ultrasonic Mini Contact Lens Cleaner

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Keep your contact lenses clean and hygienic with Eraclean Mini Contact Lens Cleaner. Operate it with ease and convenience while also enjoying its lightweight design. With its 2 in 1 function, you'll be sure to have everything you need for clean and comfortable lenses.

Experience the convenience of a portable and compact contact lens cleaner with Eraclean Mini. You can easily take it with you wherever you go, ensuring that your lenses stay clean and comfortable at all times. Plus, its versatile 2 in 1 function makes it the perfect all-in-one solution for your lens cleaning needs.


*P/S - Listen closely! Placement near your ear allows you to hear tickles and giggles; a sure sign it's working.


What Are the Differences Compare To Others:

  1. High Frequency Cleaning ~110KHz, about 110,000 vibration/second
  2. Whisper Quiet While Working, No Strong Vibration. 
  3. 5 Minutes Cleaning
  4. Magnetic Cleaning Tank - Easy to assemble
  5. Stylish Strong Magnetic Cover
  6. Portable Size
  7. Light Weight
  8. Waterproof
  9. Integrated Seal Cover
  10. Comes with Mirror
  11. Easy to operate, with 1 touch to start and stop


Indirect BENEFITS:

  1. Save your money when you buy monthly contact lenses other than daily disposable. Daily disposable contact lenses are more expensive than monthly in general. Using the Eraclean Ultrasonic Contact Lens Cleaning Machine Mini, will extend the usage and improve the comfortability of your contact lenses. 
  2. Protect the environment by reducing plastic waste (daily disposable contact lenses) to the environment. 


What is included?
  1. Contact lens cleaner x 1
  2. Tweezer + Holder x 1 each
  3. USB cable x 1
Size 63mm x 40mm x 28.5mm
Material Food grade Anti-bacterial ABS
Weight 43gm
Operation Built-in lithium battery charged with type C cable
  1. Do no slope or open the case when cleaning.
  2. Discharge solution after cleaning with the device.
  3. Ensure the base is dry before the machine works
  4. Replace the cleaning tank every 3 months
  5. Warranty: 6 months

The warranty is no longer valid under the following circumstances:

  1. Artificial Damage.
  2. Any damages caused by accident, neglect, improper use or storage of product.
  3. Unauthorized modifications or repairs.
  4. Failing to provide proof of purchase (ordering number/ invoice).


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