Wig Brush

Let’s face it. We all have been through that moment when our costume wig got tangled and frizzy so badly. It is disastrous! You sure don’t want to throw your hair wig away. But you need it before your next outing. So, how can you restore the wig, faster and easier?


No More Bad Wig Hair Day!

Make it brand new. Smooth it up. Restore your wig’s condition with this wig brush for synthetic hair - the Brainbow Detangling Wig Comb.


The comb won’t cause wig hair shedding because it is made with rounded tips. The wide gap between the brush teeth allows it to glide smoothly between your wig fibre. These features won’t be snagging or pulling your wig hair strands.


Detangle, Revive and Prevent Your Wig From Frizziness

You can achieve soft, smooth and non-tangling wigs or even daily wigs condition with a simple method of using wig brushes and combs. Using a synthetic wig brush is the best go-to method to keep your wigs nice and neat.


Furthermore, brushing with this comb helps to prolong the life of your wigs. In fact, it is so simple to use and does not cost you a fortune. It is indeed the perfect care for your hair wigs. 


You no longer have to deal with messy and frizzy wigs for your next Halloween party or cosplay event. Maintaining your hairpiece is super easy with a portable wig brush. So, be sure to have at least one in your vanity for easy wigs maintenance.