Glitter Eyelash

These finely crafted glitter false eyelashes give you an edge over others. Stella glitter false eye lashes ensure trendy look for night out parties, clubbing & for dancing arts. These flirtatious lashes add a sexy flutter to your entire makeup look.


Stella glitter false eye lashes go through a luxurious manufacturing process; where the glitter is sprayed immaculately over the fibers to help prevent clumpy or beaded glitter. Due to the finest glitter mist, Stella glitter lashes do not weigh your eye lids down. The enticing Stella glitter lashes sparkle sexily when the pub’s dramatic lights fall and glitter reflects it back.


Stella glitter exotic false lashes are recommended by makeup experts. The Taiwan made glitter lashes create a sultry impression against smoldering makeup looks. Unlike manual brushing of glitter, the glitter sprayed on these lashes does not flake away or fall off. These glitter eyelashes thus are perfect to be worn with your favorite circle lenses.