Big Eyes Colored Contacts

Congratulations! You have just landed on the right page if you are looking for dolly circle lenses. It is believed that circle lenses with a pronounced limbal ring help you look youthful. Since the limbal ring is an indication of infancy; it grows to fade as you age. The presence of a thick outer ring adds innocence to your eyes bringing you back in your tweens. Women all around the world prefer big eye circle lenses over conventional contact lenses due to the phenomenal benefits they have to offer.


What Are Big Eye Circle Lenses?

Circle lenses usually range from 14.00 mm to 15.00 mm. They cover your iris & extend to some part of the eye white that helps them create an illusion of bigger & bolder eyes. Big eye circle lenses with over 16.00 mm are considered massive. Internet fashion sensations from gyarus to ulzzangs & real life Barbie endorse big eye colored contacts for the out of the world enlargement effect. Browse through the bewitching collection of big eye circle lenses by Barbie & pick your favorite for stunning impersonations.


How To Wear Big Eye Circle Lenses?

Despite being larger in size, these lenses stay moist & comfortable. Improve lubrication using artificial tears/ re-wetting drops for a soothing & calming experience with circle lenses.