Introducing LION Smile Contact Finefit.The perfect solution for those seeking to enhance their contact lens wearing experience.  With its unique moisture replenishing formula, this advanced wetting solution will soothe and rehydrate your tired, dry eyes, leaving them feeling revitalized and refreshed.   And that's not all - Smile Contact Fine Fit is specially designed to reduce protein buildup and create a protective layer that helps reduce friction and keep your eyes moisturized.
Colorful, large or curved contact lenses may cause friction and discomfort, while protein deposits can accumulate over time, causing blurriness.Here is a comparison.The more vibrant the color, the harder and thicker the contact lens.LION Smile Contact Fine Fit solution creates a water film on the lens surface, protecting your cornea and preventing discomfort or irritation. It reduces protein buildup, alleviates blurry vision, and allows for comfortable contact lens wear all day long!
1.Remove the LION Smile Contact Finefit solution from its package. 2.Apply 2-3 drops of the solution to the inner side of your contact lenses. 3.Gently swirl the lenses to distribute the liquid evenly. 4.Place the contact lenses on your eyes. 5.Blink a few times to ensure the lenses are comfortably in place and you're ready to go!