No Black Rim

If you have wasted enough of your time looking for circle lenses without black rim; then you should immediately stop your hunt. You have landed at the right page as here we have a huge collection of very natural circle lenses without black rim. Circle Lenses without black rim are natural and blends in perfectly.


They come in both normal and bigger diameters. Circle lenses without black rim having a diameter of above 16.22 mm are considered big eye circle lenses whereas those with a diameter range of 14.2mm to 14.8mm are natural big eye circle lenses. This means that no one will notice that you are wearing circle lenses. Therefore; you can easily wear circle lenses without black rim for longer time periods, during school or at work.


Circle lenses without black rim in small diameters are super comfortable, so if your eyes itch and do not easily accept big eye lenses you would definitely love the feel of these lenses. They brighten up your eyes, giving a nice enlargement yet keeping them very natural!


Please check our collection below and spend some time browsing through famous Korean circle lens brands. Also check our big eye circle lenses with black rim and big eyes makeup accessories to spice up your whole look.