Prescription colored contacts help you correct your vision besides changing your eye color for aesthetics. You can buy prescription colored contacts from your optometrist or online; whichever option suits you better. No matter where you buy from, you should have a valid prescription to obtain your contact lenses. A prescription allows you to have the updated information about the refractive index error correction that you require. In case, you have lost your recently acquired prescription, you can buy your prescription colored contacts online to prevent yourself from going through the hassle of meeting your doctor all over again.

Is it Safe to Buy Prescription Colored Contacts Online?

Colored lenses whether cosmetic or prescription are regulated by FDA and classified as “medical devices”. It is completely safe to buy colored contacts online from reputable sellers. However, it is important you conduct thorough research where the seller is getting their supply from. Make sure the contact lenses are well-known brands- approved from FDA/KFDA and boast CE/ISO certifications.

Keep your prescription handy when buying colored contacts online. Or at least, you should know the brand your optometrist suggested you. There is very little room of wrong purchase if you already know the information typically required when buying prescription colored contacts online.

Why Buy Prescription Colored Contacts from UNIQSO?

UNIQSO offers convenience and quality at surprisingly low cost. Since we source our prescription colored contacts directly from the manufacturer; we are able to cut down our expenses that allows us to offer pocket friendly prices to our customers. 

At UNIQSO, we bet we have a pair of colored lenses for everyone. Even for patients with countless of failed attempts previously with contact lenses. With latest technology and advancement in contact lens manufacturing, they have come a lot far. Our contact lenses are hydrating, breathable and comfortable that helps to improve contact lens tolerance. 

Buy from Acuvue, Alcon, AirOptix, Bausch & Lomb etc in daily, weekly and monthly replacement schedules. Buying with UNIQSO is very convenient- you get to buy most high quality brands recommended by optometrists and that too at comparatively cheap rates than traditional brick and mortar stores. 

How do I Choose Prescription Colored Contacts?

If it is your first time buying colored contacts you must consider your lifestyle. It could be daunting at first because choices are huge. Fortunately, modern technology has made it easier to make your selection. The best colored contacts feel comfortable, offer optimal vision and for your eyes. Buy daily disposable if you have an active lifestyle which requires you to travel frequently or if you are an athlete who can’t maintain monthly contacts. 

Daily disposable are also ideal for patients with sensitive eyes. You can also buy monthly or annual replacement prescription contacts if you are on a tight budget but this may call for regular maintenance and improved hygiene. 

If you are ready to take the plunge, place your first order with UNIQSO Canada and enjoy 15% off your first order. We promise fast and steady delivery and an experience that remain unparalleled.